Greatest Franchises of NBA History


What is the best team and franchise in NBA history? Celtics, Spurs, Lakers, Bulls or Heat? In basketball as in all sports the linking of spectators with the game is usually related to a favorite or favorite team of which the person is a follower.This sport has been built around great players but also of great teams that have maintained over the years the competitiveness of this sport.

In general we may like a sport, but once that sport is taken to professionalism, the fans always look for references and we follow the team of our city or the team that we like the most as you play, or even the one that has our player Favorite playing there that season. There are several factors.For example today there are many followers of the 76 years of the time of Julius Erving but the team has changed a lot and today has nothing to do with who played Dr.J, or the Bulls of Jordan that generated admiration And fans throughout the world and who continue to support the Illinois team for that wake of the era of His career , or the Showtime Lakers, or the Celtics of Bird, or the Olajuwon Rockets … Today the Curry Warriors and the small ball.I had not seen so many fans of the Warriors in my life and now you enter any forum and there are many people with the images of Curry, Thompson or Green as avatars.

Many of the great teams have had golden times but we have to value their history and full franchise history since the same franchise can encompass different teams in history that are considered statistically the same

So …. What has been in absolute and relative terms the best team or rather the best franchise of all time?

The issue of determining what has been the best team (franchise) in the history of the NBA seems a complicated issue initially but when we go to the concrete and objective data there are only five possible candidates, two of them in absolute terms and three In relative terms by its date of creation but in the end only five.

The candidates we are going to analyze are five Boston Celtics, Los Angeles Lakers, San Antonio Spurs, Chicago Bulls and Miami Heat. I will highlight in the color of each team the data that is the maximum of the 5 teams to compare

We begin on the next page the analysis of which is the best equipment and franchise of the history of the NBA.

5 Best Franchises of NBA History

Boston Celtics

The Boston Celtics is one of three teams that are the only three remaining founding fathers since the beginning of NBA history.

In absolute terms the Boston Celtics have played 69 full seasons (the maximum) and 70 is the one in progress, they have won 17 NBA Champion Titles in 21 finals, they have reached 52 times in the Playoffs, they have won 30 times Its division and only 9 times the Eastern Conference.

They have 3194 games won with a balance of 58.8% of victories.

In relative terms, the Celtics have been NBA Champions 24.63% of the 69 full seasons they have played and at least NBA finalists 30.43%.

They have been Conference Champions 13.04%.

Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers franchise has been located in the city of Minneapolis and Los Angeles. Both teams have belonged to the same franchise and therefore the NBA treats them as one.

In absolute terms the Lakers have played 67 full seasons (68 is underway for them), have won 16 NBA Champion Titles in 31 finals, have reached 60 times in the Playoffs , won 32 times their division and 18 times The Western Conference .
They have 3227 games won with a balance of 60.6% of victories.
In relative terms the Lakers have been NBA Champions 23.88% of the 67 full seasons they have played and at least NBA finalists 46.26% .

San Antonio Spurs  

The Spurs as a team were created in the ABA in 1968 but did not join the NBA until 1977 and by that historical vendetta of the NBA do not compute any of the data of that league, soon is a relatively young equipment.

In absolute terms the Spurs have played 39 full seasons (40 is underway for them), they have won 5 NBA Champion Titles in 6 finals, 35 times in the Playoffs, have won 20 times their division and 6 times The Western Conference.
They have won 1974 games with a balance of 61.9% victories .
In relative terms the Spurs have been NBA Champions 12.82% of the 39 full seasons they have played and at least NBA finalists 15.38%.

Chicago Bulls

he history of the Chicago Bulls is totally conditioned to the historical figure of Michael Jordan who turned a mediocre team into an aspiring to be the best of the best.

In absolute terms the Bulls have played 49 full seasons (50 is underway for them), have won  6 NBA Champion Titles  in 6 finals, 34 times in the Playoffs, 9 times their division and 6 times The Eastern Conference.

They have 2096 games won with a balance of 52.3% of victories.In relative terms the Bulls have been NBA Champions 12.24% of the 49 full seasons they have played and at least NBA finalists 12.24%.
They have been Eastern Conference Champions 12.24%.

Miami Heat

The Heat are the youngest set in the group of five … they were created only in 1989 but still have already achieved many successes.

In absolute terms the Heat have played 27 full seasons (28 is underway for them), have won 3 NBA Champion Titles in 5 finals, have reached 18 playoff times, won 11 times their division and 5 times The Eastern Conference.

They have 1145 games won with a balance of 51.9% of victories.

In relative terms the Heat have been NBA Champions 11.11% of the 27 full seasons they have played and at least NBA finalists 18.51%.They have been Champions of Eastern Conference a 18.51%. After this analysis we can consider that they are the best …


After analyzing all the data we can conclude that both in absolute terms and in relative terms the fight is between two since all the data except the percentage of victories of the Spurs are distributed between the Celtics and the Lakers.

It is true that the Celtics have a title more than the Lakers but they have a worse percentage of absolute victories, less total matches won, they have reached less times to the Playoffs and the NBA Finals and they have less Division Titles and Conference later I think the balance is in favor of the Lakers.