6 Celebrities Wed Totally Want To Party With

6 Celebrities pic

Celebrities are just like normal people some are dicks, some are wholesome and kind, and some are party animals. Which ones would you want to party with?

We all party differently. Some party hard,some are just as likely to chill around a fire pit on the beach (guessing Jack Johnson), while others are so far into douchebaggery, wed be afraid to even participate (Rob Gronkowski, FTW).

For us, this list represents celebrities with six different kinds of personalities, all of which would make for one fantastic night of partying. Pop open your favorite adult beverage, assign a designated driver and lets get this party started.


Hes smarmy, sarcastic and passionate as hell about his interests. What more do you need for great conversation over a pint? Just dont talk bad about his Chicago Blackhawks. Punk, the former WWE superstar, is as cold as they come on Twitter, but its because of the path hes taken to this point. Hes a natural heel in life, and for our money, those are the best friends you can have.

Wed love to pick his brain about being on the road, contrasting wrestling in high school gyms with making an appearance on the Today Show. Hes original, hes engaging, hes intelligent and hed be invited to our party, even if hed probably piss some people off.


Whats a party without some laughs and musical entertainment? Martin isnt as racy as other comedians and hes probably not going to bring a whole lot of non-PC humor to the party, but well get enough of that from others. Martin is a comedic genius, who has been making the masses laugh for decades.

Perhaps just as important as an impromptu stand-up routine would be to our party, who wouldnt want to pick the brain of a guy whos been wildly successful in TV, movies, stand-up comedy and music? Oh, and did we mention he has all of the connections in the world?


Sticking with the comedy theme, do you know who the funniest people in the world often are? The writers. Its up to the performers to put the comedy into action, but the writers are responsible for creating the content in the first place. Put together a great writer and a great performer and youve got a comedic jackpot.

Feys self-deprecating humor is just a great complement to Martins, and wed love to see those two comedy heavyweights trading barbs in an improv setting at our party. Lets set the scene. Martin is going to imitate Fey doing a mom jeans commercial, while Fey resurrects Martins King Tut skit. Comedy (and party) gold.


We have to clarify pre-candidacy because even though Mr. Trump islets say not afraid to be who he isI dont think hed be quite as fun today as he would have been a few years back. What does Trump bring our party? Money. What does money get us? Everything. Heck, we might even get lucky and snatch a few bucks from him.

Trump owns casinos (great place to party), high-rises (ditto) and Im sure hes gotahemaccess to some of the beautiful people that wed want to fill out our party. Add in the fact that hes proven himself to be a volatile sound byte waiting to happen and weve got ourselves some intrigue. Money plus hubris equals fun (for a night at least).


Is there a performer who is more symbolic in regards to being cool than Prince? I mean, the dude changed his name to a symbol, remember? I have no doubt that hed bring everything that our party lacks so far the chic factor, a quiet and calm cool that cant be faked.

The fact that hes a remarkably talented musician? For my money, an exclusive small-stage performance from Prince is just what the doctor ordered. Will we play basketball at our party? Ive heard hes quite the player. No word yet on Charlie Murphy or pancakes in the morning, though.

The best party of all is simply hanging out with your best friends, cutting it up in any way you can. The Jokers do just that on a daily basis, finding humor in all sorts of situations. If our party starts to wane, theres no question that this group would be able to come up with scenarios to get us all going again.