Is it worth buying a T-shirt printer?


T -shirt printers are the most modern textile marking technique and offer a new opportunity to enter the garment personalization business. Like any new technique, comparisons with all other techniques are inevitable and a constant reason for debate among professionals.

Other techniques

The lifelong printing technique is silkscreen, so it is the first one that serves as a reference. Making new designs with screen printing requires making phytoliths, solar screens (one per color, or four if you make them in four-color) and then prepare the machine with the inks. Making a sample is much slower and more cumbersome than with the T-shirt printer. There is no doubt that from 100 units the serigraphy is cheaper, but how many orders of 100 units do you have every day? So what do you plan to do with those smaller orders?

The transfer can be screen or digital. The screen transfer consists of sheets of designs made in printing that are purchased in packages of 10 units. The quality is the same as silk-screen printing, but without the nuisance of the inks, the minimum quantities and the production terms. The drawback is that the designs are limited to what you have in stock. If you have to ask for others, you will have to wait for the shipment. And if you have to make customized designs, the terms and quantities are again those of screen printing. In digital transfer it is done in digital printers. It certainly meets the advantages of having tight deadlines and small minimum amounts. But printers of this type are expensive. And in large quantities, they are somewhat slow and with somewhat expensive consumables.

The transfer paper is inexpensive to inicial investment and consumables, but the results do not have the same quality, feel and washability. The textile vinyl has excellent fastness to washing, but sometimes the touches are somewhat rigid. Finally, sublimation solves these problems, but is limited to clear polyester fabrics.

Which one do I stay with?

As you can see, there is no technique that combines all the advantages. For that reason, at Brildor we decided that the right thing to do was to market them all and offer each client the one that best suits their needs and budget. There is no disposable, they are all suitable for some case. To choose the most convenient for you, you must consider all these parameters and see the importance that they have for you:

  • Initial investment. The budget is always the first limitation.
  • Learning Difficulty . Some techniques require more dedication than others to learn how to handle them well.
  • Delivery terms. The market demands increasingly shorter terms. You also have to give more agility by presenting samples.
  • Short profitable runs. More and more attention must be paid to small orders.
  • Production and maintenance costs. Inks and other consumables.
  • Print quality. The definition of digital impressions is the highest.
  • Solidity to washing. At the moment, nothing surpasses classical screen printing, but each time the distance with the others is less. Printers have improved a lot in a short time.
  • The touch of an impression. Sublimation is the best, followed by the T-shirt printer. Even in front of the screen printing.
  • Production capacity. In large orders, it is necessary to be able to manufacture large quantities in a short time.
  • Ecological Considerations. T-shirt printers use water-based inks, cleaner, and that hardly waste ink.
  • Color limitations Some techniques have limited color capabilities, such as textile vinyl, and ink types. Screen printing is one of those that allows using all kinds of inks: metallic, phosphorescent, …
  • Support limitations Almost all can print on fabrics of any composition, but sublimation can only be applied on polyester fabrics.

Ordinate them according to your priority, and you will be able to know which technique suits you best. If in your case there are many important parameters, you will have to think about incorporating two or more techniques to your business, that complement each other. For example, a T-shirt printer and a screen printing system. In this way, you will cover the needs of almost all your customers.

Going back to the T-shirt printers, it does not make sense to think of her as a competitor of other techniques, since she has filled a space that no one used to occupy before. It would be more correct to consider it a perfect complement for professionals who already use other techniques, as well as being an excellent starting point for new professionals.

And in this regard a message for many screenprinting friends who look with suspicion on this machine: the printers of cameras are not competition, but an opportunity not to lose the small orders that have been rejecting for so many years. But not entering this relatively small investment on time can make them a competitive advantage that will open the doors to those who know how to realize their advantages in time

The Art and Science of Fly Fishing in Lake


The rivers are so distinct in their beauty that they attract immediately. Lakes, on the other hand, require more study because unlike rivers flowing in one direction the lakes move in infinite directions.

Rivers have a direct language when they speak to us; the lakes are more subtle and more serene.

A lake in a sense is a universe as vast as outer space, and as in space, a fascinating part is not the one we see easily but the one we can not see and learn to intuit. The pulse of life inside a lake gives us an inexhaustible source of study and pleasure.

Techniques of Fly Fishing

We usually call the lakes stillwaters, and there is nothing bad in that name, it even sounds pleasant for the spirit of a fisherman, but there is nothing quiet in the waters of a lake. There is a world of currents that move water from one shore to the other, from the surface to the bottom and vice versa.

Fish orient and live in these currents as they do in the rapid waters of a river.

The game proposed by a lake is to decipher the movements of a seemingly quiet water while understanding the subtle internal relationships that exist among its inhabitants.

Fly fishing, in turn, is a game where the mind intervenes with intensity, each environment has its rules especially the lakes. To enjoy them we have to accept these standards by looking for the combinations of elements that are taken by the trout.

Fly fishers have varying attitudes towards lakes. A small group that decreases day by day completely rejects this fishing for several reasons among which stands out the difficulty of finding the fish in a lake. Most fly fishers however, despite being river fishermen, enjoys good lake fishing from time to time.

There is, however, a group of fishermen that grows day by day, preferring fishing in the lakes over the rivers, some of these fishermen have become real experts reading the water of a lake, developing fishing techniques and special flies .That allows them to fish right fish consistently every time.
Although each lake is unique in its oxygen content, temperature, water clarity, depth, structure, vegetation and hundreds of other elements, knowing a lake well gain knowledge that will allow us to face other lakes with an excellent security detecting Immediately the similarities and differences that lead us to choose a correct fishing strategy.

With increasing day-to-day river pressure, it is important to start thinking seriously about expanding our knowledge about fishing in lakes that offer us larger trout, clean environments and perhaps the ultimate frontier for a fly fisherman.


  • Understanding the structures and currents of a lake.
  • Finding the trout in a lake.”
  • Moving in the lake, boats suitable for each place.
  • Wearing from the surface to the bottom with lines of float and sinking.
  • The correct equipment.
  • Recognition and imitation of the food of the trout in a lake.
  • Aligning the right fly to each situation.
  • Combining everything in a series of specific fishing techniques to fish a lake imitating every organism that eat the trout.
  • We will see how to fish scuds, chironomids, Ephemeroptera, tricópteros, odonatos and small fish as well as Coleoptera and other earth insects plus some components of the plankton that although tiny are a good food for the trouts.

6 Celebrities Wed Totally Want To Party With

6 Celebrities pic

Celebrities are just like normal people some are dicks, some are wholesome and kind, and some are party animals. Which ones would you want to party with?

We all party differently. Some party hard,some are just as likely to chill around a fire pit on the beach (guessing Jack Johnson), while others are so far into douchebaggery, wed be afraid to even participate (Rob Gronkowski, FTW).

For us, this list represents celebrities with six different kinds of personalities, all of which would make for one fantastic night of partying. Pop open your favorite adult beverage, assign a designated driver and lets get this party started.


Hes smarmy, sarcastic and passionate as hell about his interests. What more do you need for great conversation over a pint? Just dont talk bad about his Chicago Blackhawks. Punk, the former WWE superstar, is as cold as they come on Twitter, but its because of the path hes taken to this point. Hes a natural heel in life, and for our money, those are the best friends you can have.

Wed love to pick his brain about being on the road, contrasting wrestling in high school gyms with making an appearance on the Today Show. Hes original, hes engaging, hes intelligent and hed be invited to our party, even if hed probably piss some people off.


Whats a party without some laughs and musical entertainment? Martin isnt as racy as other comedians and hes probably not going to bring a whole lot of non-PC humor to the party, but well get enough of that from others. Martin is a comedic genius, who has been making the masses laugh for decades.

Perhaps just as important as an impromptu stand-up routine would be to our party, who wouldnt want to pick the brain of a guy whos been wildly successful in TV, movies, stand-up comedy and music? Oh, and did we mention he has all of the connections in the world?


Sticking with the comedy theme, do you know who the funniest people in the world often are? The writers. Its up to the performers to put the comedy into action, but the writers are responsible for creating the content in the first place. Put together a great writer and a great performer and youve got a comedic jackpot.

Feys self-deprecating humor is just a great complement to Martins, and wed love to see those two comedy heavyweights trading barbs in an improv setting at our party. Lets set the scene. Martin is going to imitate Fey doing a mom jeans commercial, while Fey resurrects Martins King Tut skit. Comedy (and party) gold.


We have to clarify pre-candidacy because even though Mr. Trump islets say not afraid to be who he isI dont think hed be quite as fun today as he would have been a few years back. What does Trump bring our party? Money. What does money get us? Everything. Heck, we might even get lucky and snatch a few bucks from him.

Trump owns casinos (great place to party), high-rises (ditto) and Im sure hes gotahemaccess to some of the beautiful people that wed want to fill out our party. Add in the fact that hes proven himself to be a volatile sound byte waiting to happen and weve got ourselves some intrigue. Money plus hubris equals fun (for a night at least).


Is there a performer who is more symbolic in regards to being cool than Prince? I mean, the dude changed his name to a symbol, remember? I have no doubt that hed bring everything that our party lacks so far the chic factor, a quiet and calm cool that cant be faked.

The fact that hes a remarkably talented musician? For my money, an exclusive small-stage performance from Prince is just what the doctor ordered. Will we play basketball at our party? Ive heard hes quite the player. No word yet on Charlie Murphy or pancakes in the morning, though.

The best party of all is simply hanging out with your best friends, cutting it up in any way you can. The Jokers do just that on a daily basis, finding humor in all sorts of situations. If our party starts to wane, theres no question that this group would be able to come up with scenarios to get us all going again.

Greatest Wrestling Factions and Stables of All-Time

greatest wrestling factions
What are the greatest wrestling factions and stables of all-time?

For our money, nothing is better than a rabid group of wrestlers brought together by a common goal, headed by a star or a terrific mouthpiece a wrestling faction.

There have been many over the years, and many have been rehashed too many times to count, with some not-so-good (The Oddities, really?) and some that should have gotten a lot more run than they did, because there was simply too much starpower within the team.

Thats the difficulty with a faction inevitably, the cream rises to the top. For these groups, there was often a standout (or two) who ended up growing to be too big for the group, ultimately having to move onto a singles career.

Without further adieu, lets take a look at the greatest wrestling factions of all-time!

Note: These are limited to North American wrestling. Sorry, Suzukigun fans!

WWE Brand Split Mock Draft: Raw and Smackdown Draft

WWE Brand Split Mock
The WWE draft is coming back, as superstars are going to be split into two distinct and separate brands. In preparation for that (officially slated for July 19), weve gone ahead and completed our own WWE mock draft, complete with ready-made feuds for each brand.

Since Raw has (and always will be) the flagship brand, we gave them the first pick. We used the current roster at, with everyone on the regular roster (not NXT, sorry Samoa Joe) available regardless of health (except The Rock, who is most certainly not a current wrestler). We are also not including Triple H, Shane McMahon or The Undertaker, for similar reasons.

The start of any WWE draft has to be the WWE Champion and in this case its the guy, Roman Reigns. Like him or not, hell belong on the flagship show of the company, as its champion. For Smackdown, theyll need a star who can carry the show in his own right, especially if they decide to add another title, as has been speculated. Who better than John Cena to be the face of the brand new live WWE Smackdown then again, its The Rocks show, but I digress.

The Greatest Franchise In MLB History


In most team sports, the hallmark of a great team is the number of championships theyve won. In our greatest franchise in MLB history ranking, well take those heavily into account, with some more important metrics included, from pennants to playoff appearances and franchise record.

This methodology does favor older clubs, as theyve had the most opportunity to rack up postseason appearances but when were talking about the all-time franchises, could relatively new teams really even be considered?

We awarded points based on the following scale:

World Series Win: 500 points
World Series Loss: 250 points
Playoff Appearances: 100 points
Wins: 1 point
Losses: -1 point

We took all seasons of the franchise into account and wins/losses are accurate as of games ended on May 16, 2017.

Without further adieu, lets get to the least successful MLB franchise of all-time and countdown to the greatest.

Greatest Franchises of NBA History


What is the best team and franchise in NBA history? Celtics, Spurs, Lakers, Bulls or Heat? In basketball as in all sports the linking of spectators with the game is usually related to a favorite or favorite team of which the person is a follower.This sport has been built around great players but also of great teams that have maintained over the years the competitiveness of this sport.

In general we may like a sport, but once that sport is taken to professionalism, the fans always look for references and we follow the team of our city or the team that we like the most as you play, or even the one that has our player Favorite playing there that season. There are several factors.For example today there are many followers of the 76 years of the time of Julius Erving but the team has changed a lot and today has nothing to do with who played Dr.J, or the Bulls of Jordan that generated admiration And fans throughout the world and who continue to support the Illinois team for that wake of the era of His career , or the Showtime Lakers, or the Celtics of Bird, or the Olajuwon Rockets … Today the Curry Warriors and the small ball.I had not seen so many fans of the Warriors in my life and now you enter any forum and there are many people with the images of Curry, Thompson or Green as avatars.

Many of the great teams have had golden times but we have to value their history and full franchise history since the same franchise can encompass different teams in history that are considered statistically the same

So …. What has been in absolute and relative terms the best team or rather the best franchise of all time?

The issue of determining what has been the best team (franchise) in the history of the NBA seems a complicated issue initially but when we go to the concrete and objective data there are only five possible candidates, two of them in absolute terms and three In relative terms by its date of creation but in the end only five.

The candidates we are going to analyze are five Boston Celtics, Los Angeles Lakers, San Antonio Spurs, Chicago Bulls and Miami Heat. I will highlight in the color of each team the data that is the maximum of the 5 teams to compare

We begin on the next page the analysis of which is the best equipment and franchise of the history of the NBA.

5 Best Franchises of NBA History

Boston Celtics

The Boston Celtics is one of three teams that are the only three remaining founding fathers since the beginning of NBA history.

In absolute terms the Boston Celtics have played 69 full seasons (the maximum) and 70 is the one in progress, they have won 17 NBA Champion Titles in 21 finals, they have reached 52 times in the Playoffs, they have won 30 times Its division and only 9 times the Eastern Conference.

They have 3194 games won with a balance of 58.8% of victories.

In relative terms, the Celtics have been NBA Champions 24.63% of the 69 full seasons they have played and at least NBA finalists 30.43%.

They have been Conference Champions 13.04%.

Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers franchise has been located in the city of Minneapolis and Los Angeles. Both teams have belonged to the same franchise and therefore the NBA treats them as one.

In absolute terms the Lakers have played 67 full seasons (68 is underway for them), have won 16 NBA Champion Titles in 31 finals, have reached 60 times in the Playoffs , won 32 times their division and 18 times The Western Conference .
They have 3227 games won with a balance of 60.6% of victories.
In relative terms the Lakers have been NBA Champions 23.88% of the 67 full seasons they have played and at least NBA finalists 46.26% .

San Antonio Spurs  

The Spurs as a team were created in the ABA in 1968 but did not join the NBA until 1977 and by that historical vendetta of the NBA do not compute any of the data of that league, soon is a relatively young equipment.

In absolute terms the Spurs have played 39 full seasons (40 is underway for them), they have won 5 NBA Champion Titles in 6 finals, 35 times in the Playoffs, have won 20 times their division and 6 times The Western Conference.
They have won 1974 games with a balance of 61.9% victories .
In relative terms the Spurs have been NBA Champions 12.82% of the 39 full seasons they have played and at least NBA finalists 15.38%.

Chicago Bulls

he history of the Chicago Bulls is totally conditioned to the historical figure of Michael Jordan who turned a mediocre team into an aspiring to be the best of the best.

In absolute terms the Bulls have played 49 full seasons (50 is underway for them), have won  6 NBA Champion Titles  in 6 finals, 34 times in the Playoffs, 9 times their division and 6 times The Eastern Conference.

They have 2096 games won with a balance of 52.3% of victories.In relative terms the Bulls have been NBA Champions 12.24% of the 49 full seasons they have played and at least NBA finalists 12.24%.
They have been Eastern Conference Champions 12.24%.

Miami Heat

The Heat are the youngest set in the group of five … they were created only in 1989 but still have already achieved many successes.

In absolute terms the Heat have played 27 full seasons (28 is underway for them), have won 3 NBA Champion Titles in 5 finals, have reached 18 playoff times, won 11 times their division and 5 times The Eastern Conference.

They have 1145 games won with a balance of 51.9% of victories.

In relative terms the Heat have been NBA Champions 11.11% of the 27 full seasons they have played and at least NBA finalists 18.51%.They have been Champions of Eastern Conference a 18.51%. After this analysis we can consider that they are the best …


After analyzing all the data we can conclude that both in absolute terms and in relative terms the fight is between two since all the data except the percentage of victories of the Spurs are distributed between the Celtics and the Lakers.

It is true that the Celtics have a title more than the Lakers but they have a worse percentage of absolute victories, less total matches won, they have reached less times to the Playoffs and the NBA Finals and they have less Division Titles and Conference later I think the balance is in favor of the Lakers.

The Greatest Franchises In NFL History


Triumphs attract followers, although there are teams that do not win a while nothing and continue with the backing of the most loyal fans, but poorly paid. In the NFL there are a few of these, and if you do not believe, review the following list:

10. New Orleans Saints

Jacksonville Jaguars v New Orleans Saints
Drew Brees’ explosive offense and winning the Super Bowl in 2009 boosted the black-and-gold team in the top-10 of popularity, and although they have finished with a record in three of the last four years, his legion does not Leaves

9. San Francisco 49ers

Green Bay Packers v San Francisco 49ers
The franchise of the eighties, with Joe Montana at the top, continues to drag people thanks to the good market that represents the Californian bay. Despite the support, the last two harvests have been disappointing, and more so after playing the Super Bowl in 2013.

8. New York Giants

Houston Texans v New York Giants
Eli Manning has again put the franchise on the radar of fans with the good campaigns they have had in the last decade, including two victories in the Super Bowl (2007 and 2011), although they have three failed seasons.

7. Chicago Bears

Detroit Lions v Chicago Bears
The city loves sport by its nature, and the Bears are spoiled, despite having only won a Super Bowl, that of the historic defensive machine of 1985. With more than 30 years without a ring, the support of their faithful fans Continues without breaking.

6. Seattle Seahawks

St. Louis Rams v Seattle Seahawks
Although he is a team with more than 40 years of foundation, they have been the last ten best ones of its history, with several consecutive appearances in the playoff and a ring of Super Bowl, in 2013. Russell Wilson and the secondary defensive attract more Fans year after year.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers

Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers
They are the only team to accumulate six Super Bowl victories, two of them in the last decade, and although they should be higher on this board, they are not such a constant team. Of course, its offensive in 2016 promises to attract the looks of many people to Heinz Field.

4. Denver Broncos

Super Bowl 50 – Carolina Panthers v Denver Broncos
Despite claiming the last Super Bowl title for them, losing retired Peyton Manning from his payroll takes away popularity points, as well as the huge mass of fans that move the top three. Anyway, they keep an important entourage.

3. New England Patriots

Pittsburgh Steelers v New England Patriots
Since the arrival of Bill Belichick head coach in 2000 they have only had one losing campaign – the first – and another more that did not reach the dozen victories (2002). Moreover, wins everywhere and four rings, and everyone likes the winners.

2. Green Bay Packers

Divisional Playoffs – Dallas Cowboys v Green Bay Packers
Although the city hardly counts with 104,057 inhabitants, this franchise fell in love with good part of the country from that equipment of Vince Lombardi that gained the first two Super Bowl of history. Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers have kept that flame alive.

1. Dallas Cowboys

Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys
The American team continues to reign in the hearts of fans, although for more than 20 years it has not done so in the NFL. This year, if Tony Romo stays healthy, they will make it to the playoffs, but they already have to win the sixth Super Bowl ring.

Greatest Wrestler of All Time


Ranking the top 20 wrestlers of all time is a tough job. After all, how does one compare a star of the ’50s (Lou Thesz) to a star of the ’80s (Ric Flair) to a star of today (John Cena)?  We took survey from audience and expert sportsmen. We hope you agree with the choices. If not, let us know

Here are 11 Greatest Professional Wrestler of All Time

1.Randy Savage (852 votes)

As the years go by, wrestling is leaving us big wrestlers that all of us as fans idolize to death, or just enjoy what they give us in the ring. Many fail, others succeed, but they are always appearing more and more, men who mark us for life, or who simply do not provoke us anything, men who come to be considered icons and legends for us. That’s why I want to talk about a man, one that for many is considered a legend, an icon and a fundamental pillar for the Golden Era: nothing more and nothing less than “Macho Man” Randy Savage.

Savage was the complete package, displayed charisma for heaps, had an incredible facility to make himself loved or hated when he wanted, and while he was not a “super technician” like Malenko, Benoit or Danielson, something that was difficult to see in That era since the vision of wrestling was completely different, it had a very broad repertoire, so in-ring was quite good, considering that at that time most wrestlers had as finisher the piledriver, and the more moves Recurrent was the suplex vertical and the sleeperhold, so I would dare say that Savage was a “superclass”.  This man not only had charisma , or beautiful movements, also had some brilliant micskills, and the best of the Golden Era, something that is already considered a major achievement,

Randy Savage is an icon for wrestling, and the word legend is small for this man, he could talk and talk about his achievements, his stage as Macho King, and his way through WCW, but that would be to go further. But there is something I can not leave out and it is his legacy, on how this change the perspective and the way to see WrestleMania.And without disparaging another big business like Shawn Michaels, let alone his fans, there was a Mr. WrestleMania much earlier.

2.Edge (910 votes)

Undoubtedly, if a top 50 on superstars in the history of wrestling is missing Edge, that top is not valid. Another thing is that we speak purely of the in-ring ability in that listing. But if we go to what would be important in the company, its character and all its merits as Superstar, he has to be there.
Although often Edge has always been used as a transition champion, we can not ignore the fact that he has managed to deepen the depths of several of us, being one of the most charismatic Superstars of recent years. Who was not thrilled by listening to their entry theme, or when they gathered their hair waiting to apply their ‘Spear’? Edge is definitely a wrestler worthy of mention.
True, it was not the best in a ring. But he compensated for that by being a charismatic man with a microphone, offering great fights and rivalries, making himself loved and hated in equal parts as the script demanded, leaving us spots for the memory, making a Money In The Bank redemption cataloged as one of the Best of all time, facing a long number of legends, forming tag teams for the memory, creating together with Christian moments that will be remembered forever, winning a Royal Rumble, and a long etcetera. We can come to appreciate that all his titles are equally excessive, we can debate if he did not deserve to give so much shadow to Christian in his day. But we can not debate that Edge is one of the greats of this industry, and he must have the recognition he deserves.

3.Kenta Kobashi (911 votes)

Kobashi was a magician in the ring. In the pure fightin spirit is very common  , that attitude to fight, to fight and to fight, to face face, to endure the pain and to continue attacking; Kobashi took him further and became involved in the burning spirit , and based on that character and that own stamp delivered many of the best matches in history. It did not matter that his rival was a big-time big guy like Stan Hansen, Steve Williams or Vader, or wrestlers in a style as well as Minoru Suzuki, or another of the legendary AJPW’s “Four Pillars of Paradise” such as Toshiaki Kawada, Akira Taue Or his eternal friend and rival, Mitsuharu Misawa, did not care if they were singles, tags or multitags, or even wrestlers he had never faced like Samoa Joe. It is that finally Kobashi never left a bad fight, In fact he never left one that descended from the remarkable. Being one of the ” toughest SOB “, Kobashi had no problem getting hit as hard as possible and of course he did the same, all in favor of giving as much psychology as possible, greater realism. Adapted his moveset and his offensive according to the rival, finishers included; In fact after overcoming a serious operation had to radically change his style, regardless of the more technical part and staying with the chops and other moves more typical of a brawler. Kobashi, like a chameleon, knew how to adapt his style to circumstances like no one, and that is a very difficult and meritorious thing. Faithful to storytelling, he often played the role of the underdog and always, always, made him think he was going to win. Although it was not really the most common:


4.Brock Lesnar (1024 votes)

Few can boast of having such a solid essence. Few can say that they have dominated the business from the start. Few are the beasts that have endured and marked history as Brock Lesnar. Yes, as I have said: Brock Lesnar, the greatest beast in the industry.
His star aura, and his innate talent make him the company’s Final Boss. Who can say that he defeated a legend like The Rock in the biggest event of the summer taking less than 6 months in the company? Simple, Brock. As I said, Lesnar from the first minute struck by his presence. Lesnar is not someone who gives you 30 minute promos, does not tell you jokes, or anything of those traditional things, the only one with his presence and a pair of looks gives you to understand that he is dangerous. In his first run as solitary in the company he gives us to understand that he will go with everything. Not only stands out for its presence, but also for its in-ring ability, where it boasts one of the best offensive views. Every movement you apply feels like devastating.
After his return we are enjoying the biggest beast that has trod the business. Many may say that he does not do it out of love, or that he is only a mercenary, that he only makes supple … Let me tell you that Lenard does not give a damn * what they say about him. It is the biggest attraction that the company has today and that nobody can deny it.

5.Chris Jericho (1098 votes)

But how, should not Rockstar defend Jericho?”
Surely several users of the page should be asking that, surprised by the absence of the fan of Summer Rae. Well, first you’ll see it below, and second, why do you think I’m called Shut the hell up?
My nickname is a tribute to my favorite fighter of all time, the one who in the middle of his fief with Chyna when some guys wrote Y2Gay in his posters began to conquer. After turning the face and winning a couple of times the Intercontinental, that conquest passed to absolute love.
Does Jericho deserve to be part of a top 50? Although with him I lose all objectivity, objectively I think he deserves it, and more. In-ring has nothing to envy to the big ones of WWE or WCW, always showing a quite remarkable level with a wide universe of wrestlers. As for charisma, micro and it factor not to mention, one of the best in its kind, but the best. A phenomenal promos counter, both face and heel.
Versatile, easy to adapt, Jericho managed to reinvest himself in a stratospheric way in 2008, creating what for me is the best WWE heel in its history. His run between 2008 and 2010 is wonderful, level above the ring and out of it. In a business where there are so few showmen, we must be grateful for the existence of Mr. Chris Jericho. Right, Stupid Idiots?

6.CM Punk (1230 votes)

“Out of phase with the world” , so was born and raised Phillip Brooks, so from an early age found a refuge in wrestling , where he finally managed to feel like the Mole of “The Fantastic Four” or another favorite comic book, under the alias CM Punk .
“What the fuck are you fighting for ?” . Punk understood that besides having a good time in the ring was good at what he did, so he always tried to perfect it. His whole history (and way) of life was reflected in the quadrilateral , where he always gave the best of himself, which finally ended by passing the bill to his body.
“I am a person, like you, but I have better things to do . ” Punk’s top critics question him for personal decisions and probably think he does not deserve a place among the best in history. But the truth is that his quality in the ring was enough to keep to the top of the charts in the main companies and also show different facets of a character who met as face or heel, who sold merchandise and tickets, which dazzled with relentless security In the microphone and for some it was even the main reason to see long programs in what would probably appear.
CM Punk opened the way , allowing Vince McMahon to consider the fighters coming from the independent circuit, who did not fit the traditional mold of the bodybuilder or the NFL player, got the WWE to bet on others like him. With talent and desire, Punk always left a mark, wherever he was.

7.Chris Benoit (1280 votes)

In rankings like this, it is impossible not to place a guy like Chris Benoit if we base ourselves (among others) on the ability in the ring. One of the most disciplined and consistent fighters that have ever been, a master of the claveo, suplexes (especially German) and submissions like his great Crossface; And a god of psychology in the ring, besides knowing how to fight according to the rival.
Although he did not have a great character or management of promos, he knew how to connect with the audience using exclusively his talent to fight , being the ovations that he received after his fights the great proof of it. The amount of quality fights that Chris has is impressive, few fighters can boast of it, even in events of little importance used to give great combats and his work has served as inspiration for many current workers.

8.Mitsuharu Misawa (1311 votes)

Honestly, the phrase that sums up the reason why Misawa appears so high would be: “I thought I knew what a coma was about *****, until I saw a Misawa match . ” Although I am even more sincere, the first time I thought of this was when I saw Tanahashi vs Okada in Invasion Attack, which I entered in the pure and later in many more wrestling companies, In which I said to myself: “I’ve been wasting my time for years when I should have seen this before.”
From here it was when I began to pry and I came across what I consider the best wrestling company in history: All Japan Pro Wrestling. When I started with this company, I was soon hooked with the battles of its biggest stars (I started watching Kobashi, Misawa, Kawada, Steve Williams, Jun Akiyama, Vader or Stan Hansen). They seemed much more realistic, much more intense and much more exciting than anything I had seen before (not for this I am discrediting WWE matches like Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels or Steve Austin vs Bret Hart).

9.The Rock (1322 votes)

The Rock in ring is versatile, if someone says that he did not have moves, or that he always applied the same 5 moves, or that he did not have moves, he is telling a lie about the charisma of the “Brahma Bull” or simply never saw him fight .
Why do I say that The Rock is versatile ?, because depending on its rival, especially if it is a heel, it will steal a taunt, and imitate some move or finisher, from something basic like chops, to something more complex like a Crippler Crosfface, a Stunner, going through an Angle Lock and a Chokeslam. That’s The Rock, a showman in the full extent of the word.
Let’s see other aspects, the structure, The Rock will never give you a spotfest in a single match, for the simple reason that your moveset does not give for that, its structure is classic of WWE, exchanges of blows, dominate, dominated, comeback, finishers. Typical top face, correct. It is not too bad to say that he is a wrestler who knows how to fight, even if it is not his tonic, but he does not have to take anything, it is a good complement, look at Benoit in Fully Loaded, the domain is practically 50 and 50 and The Rock is So believable, that you will never criticize the way in which the match is being developed.
Selling, out of any joke about how the Stunner sells (The Rock himself said he wanted to leave his stamp on Austin’s finisher, and he succeeded, but that’s not the point), it’s good, The Rock will always sell fatigue, and No, not for the bad cardio in its last run from 2011 to date. It is a good seller, perhaps its strong point is not to sell during all the combat a submission or a limbwork, but if in stretches, it is correct in that sense.
The psychology in ring for me is perfect, is a wrestler who knows how to hook a match, his gestures and theatrical performance is impeccable, gives you drama, or whose emotion requests the match.
If you smell what Rock is cooking? Yes, they can smell it, The Rock has been on the list of 50 best fighters of all time, is one of the GOAT, for Vince, for the users of Solowrestling and for me, one of millions and millions of fans of The Rock.

10.John Cena (1347 votes)

With 39 years recently, although he has moved away from the world championships, he is in one of his best moments of his career, having in 2015 one of his best years in the in ring level. Criticized by many as evil wrestler for his lack of moves or his victories to “Superman.” While the latter is sometimes true, the former is very far from reality. The number of great combats John Cena has given in his 14-year career is countless.
In short, a tireless worker, a world icon and one of the wrestlers with several of the best matches in WWE history.